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 James Barney, to Arizona Territory, A.T. freighting to Fort Whipple. Scarce imprinted bill of lading, 1877 received from James M. Barney by Central Pacific Railroad, San Francisco, and to be delivered to Barney at Colorado River, then transshipped to Fort Whipple, A.T.

(pencil inscribed as consignees). Though not stated, the goods were to be shipped James Barney at his location in Ehrenburg. Most shipments inland to Arizona were brought by steamer from San Francisco to the mouth of the Colorado River, where transfer was made to river going vessels, and then transported to either Ehrenberg or Yuma. At Ehrenberg, there was the firm of David Neahr and Company, and James Barney, and at Yuma, W. B. Hooper and Company, both forwarding agents. From this destination they were transported overland. W. Barney was the principal mercantile firm at Ehrenburg, 130 miles above Yuma, and next to Yuma, the largest shipping town on the Colorado River. Most of the freight for Prescott, Wickenburg, and the country east is transshipped at this town.    AZ 692 


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