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Carte de visite (cdv) photograph,  4 1/4" x 2 1/2". Warren's , Boston, Mass imprint. Aesthetic pose, vg contrast and clarity. Front is Fine + cond, back has some remnants of past mounting, and later stamp for Culver Service (they were a graphic archive for publications).  

Hale, Edward Everett (1822-1909), American writer and clergyman, born in Boston, and educated at Harvard University. . Hale is known for his abolitionist sympathies during the period immediately preceding the American Civil War; his best-known work, the patriotic short story “The Man Without a Country” (1863), is believed to have encouraged supporters of the Union cause. Hale wrote almost 70 books, including the novels Ten Times One Is Ten (1870), which led to the formation of many charitable organizations, and If Jesus Came to Boston (1894), an attempt, in fiction, to reconcile religion with rapidly changing social conditions. From 1903 until his death he served as chaplain of the U.S. Senate.


SKU: LA036
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