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CDV - AXE MURDERER AND VICTIM. Carte de visite photograph, 2 ½” x 4 1/8;  portrait of “Mrs Ellen Athey, accused of the murderer of Mary Seneff, along with photo of victim.

In 1880 pretty, young Mary Seneff had lived for a few days as a servant with Ellen and Henry Athey near New Philadelphia. According to Mrs. Athey’s confession, she got into an argument with Mary, accusing her of trying to seduce her husband.  She ordered Mary out of the house; Mary refused to go and in a fit of rage Mrs. Athey hit Mary with an ax repeatedly, killing her. Then she dug a grave in the ash pit by the house and hid the body. Eventually she confessed to her two brothers and her husband and they dug the body up and threw it into Sugar Creek.  Mrs. Athey was tried and sentenced to life in the Ohio Penitentiary.

On back is advertisement for the Iron Valley Reporter; the cdv being a premium with a subscription to the paper. Exhibits good tonality and contrast, overall Fine cond. (law025) $450. 


SKU: law025
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