SIAMESE TWINS CERAMIC FIGURINE. Ca. 1860s ceramic souvenir figurine of the original Siamese Twins Eng and Chang. Primitively molded 3 ½” sculpture was probably made in Germany and is labeled: SIAM ZWILLING (TWINS), heads and loin cloths are hand-painted. The conjoined twins took several tours to Europe, and this antique souvenir may have coincided with the late 1860s trip that was to include Germany. Eng and Chang Bunker were the original Siamese twins, born in Siam in 1811. As teenagers, they traveled as curiosities and became well known all over the world; they appeared in P.T. Barnum's show, among others. They retired to North Carolina, where they married sisters and sired more than 20 children between them. In 1874, Chang died at age 63, still connected to his brother; Eng died just a few hours later, most probably of shock. (Et.65); $95.


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