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the Hottest Rebel Sheet to be found in the North or the South” The Crisis. Columbus Ohio. 20” x 13” 4pp complete, from bound volume. Described as “the Hottest Rebel Sheet to be found in the North or the South”, this paper, an organ for the copperheads, or peace democrats, opposed the war and attracted the hatred of the Lincoln administration. It was denied circulation in some cities. The editor, Samuel Medary had been an opponent of the Civil War from the beginning in 1861, and insisted slavery could not be prohibited by law. As the war progressed, he became more outspoken in his criticism of the war and those who participated in it. On March 5, 1863, some 150 incensed soldiers from Camp Chase attacked The Crisis' offices, but was not put out of business. In 1864,Medary was indicted by federal grand jury as a spokesman for a subversive group. The Cincinnati Inquirer put up bail and legal defense fund to test wartime freedom of press., but Medary died before the trial.. All issues are in VG– Fine cond., no tears or missing pages.


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