A rarely seen complete set of five covers, 3 ¼ x 6, each illustrated using boxing as the metaphor and pitting Lincoln against Davis. Published by J.H. Tingley 152 1/2 Fulton St. N.Y. Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1861, uncolored. Round one; The first shows Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis in boxing ring. Outside the ring on Lincoln's side are Union troops with cannons, generals, statesmen; on Davis' side are generals, statesmen, cotton, dogs, slaves. The caption reads, “Lincoln: I use no more force than necessary. / Davis: Let me alone!” ... plus, Round two; Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis in the boxing ring still. Lincoln tears Davis' coattail and pants-seat as Davis flees and stumbles. Union and Confederate spectators comment. The caption reads, “Lincoln: Go back you dog to the junction, I'll call on you there soon. / Davis: Beauregaud, let's fall back on Richmond.” ... plus, Round three; Lincoln holding Davis off the ground in a headlock. Confederate spectators flee. Mortar shells litter the ground. The caption reads, “Lincoln: I will soon smother those pirates.” ... plus, Round four; Winfield Scott and William Seward in boxing ring in which Lincoln fought Davis. Lincoln stands outside the ring as Union army retreats. Its captions reads, “Seward: General where is secession now? / Scott: Don't you see that greasespot?” ... plus, The final fifth envelope shows Lincoln as he stands inside "the champion belt" beside a pyramid labeled with all states. Outside the ring, four men, labeled east, west, north and south, waive hats. Flag, Liberty and eagle above. The envelope reads, “Lincoln: You shall all have my impartial, constitutional and humble protection!”
The set is in overall vg-fine condition. I suspect the set had been lightly mounted at some point then removed. There is evidence of toning where it had been mounted, and a few of the covers have minor moisture rippling. lnpo001


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