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Sheet music, n.d. ca 1860. 13 1/4" x 10 " Litho cover showing parlor w/ a woman using sewing machine, others dance on background. Dedicated to Grover & Baker Sewing Machine Co. ,In 1851 W.  Grover and W. E. Baker patented a machine which made the "Grover & Baker stitch." They used two needles, one above and the other below the material, the lower needle passing horizontally through the loop of the upper thread and producing a double chain stitch on the underside of the cloth. Great things were hoped from the double chain stitch by its promoters, and in the first twenty years its yearly sales rose to over 50,000; but, while it is specially adapted to certain classes of work, it has never won the popularity of the shuttle lock stitch.. From bound volume w/ accompanying bindery marks, some foxing b/l corner, overall VG.


SKU: Smjb004
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