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Imprinted pay document, 3 x 6 3/8, dated New Bedford, Massachusetts, September 13, 1862, payable to bankers J. & W. R. Wing, in advance on behalf of John Miller, a crewman on the "CAPE HORN PIGEON", a whale ship preparing to leave on a voyage of several years. This draft is drawn on the account of the agent and owners of the New Bedford whaling bark "CAPE HORN PIGEON", and signed with "his mark" by Miller. Such a payment system made money available for expenses for himself and his family during his absence.  The "CAPE HORN PIGEON" sailed from New Bedford under Captain Daniel Sherman on September 15, 1862 at the height of the Civil War, bound for the Pacific Ocean whaling grounds, and arrived safely back in New Bedford in April of 1866 after a voyage of almost four years . The ship was successful in eluding Confederate raiders such as the "Alabama" and the "Shenandoah", which preyed upon the Northern merchant and whaling fleets.

19th c. whaling ephemera is scarce. Fine condition.


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