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SON OF LIBERTY -REVOLUTIONARY WAR LEADER MARINUS WILLETT. Signed court order, August 20th, 1784. 4 3/8 x 7 1/2. two sided part imprinted court document, signed on verso by Marinus Willett as Sheriff of New York. Partail document, appears to be mising a small section left side, split at fold line, old repair, minor edge loss of paper, o/w VG, signature Fine .(Mh. 42); $225.
Marinus Willett (July 31, 1740 – August 22, 1830) was an American soldier and political leader from New York. He was characterized by historian Mark M. Boatner as "one of the truly outstanding American leaders of the Revolution." Willett was born in Jamaica, New York, on Long Island. He served in the militia during the French and Indian War. A political radical, he became a leader of the New York Sons of Liberty, and fought valiantly during the Revolution. After the war he aligned himself with George Clinton and the anti-federalist party. He and several other members of the Sons of Liberty were elected to the State Assembly in December 1783. He was Sheriff of New York County, New York from 1784 to 1787 and from 1791 to 1795.He took part in the putting down of Shays' Rebellion. He died on August 22, 1830 and was buried in the churchyard of Trinity Church, corner of Broadway and Wall Street, in New York City. His funeral had 10,000 mourners.


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