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Cabinet card of Alonzo Hiwanda posing with his weights. Much scarcer view of Hiwanda than the one typically seen with him with men atop the barrel. Period pencil id on bottom of mount “Alonzo Hiwanda Age 22 yr Weight 192lbs. Hugo Broich Milwaukee Wisconsin backmark.

Alonzo Hiwanda was born George Day in 1860 .By the age of 19, he was a very strong man; he developed his strength by lifting more and heavier bales of hay, and even lifting some of the farm animals from time to time.  At the 1879 Greene County Fair his first “on stage” appearance occurred  when he was known as the “man with the iron jaw”. He put a device between his teeth which was fastened to a huge barrel. The barrel was filled with water which made it weight approximately 500 pounds. He then had two grown man sit astride the barrel, each man weighed in the neighborhood of 260 pounds. Then he put the device between his teeth, lifted the barrel and the two men and held them, balanced on his chest, a weight of more than 1,000 pounds. He eventually joined the Sells Brothers Circus, and changed his professional name to Alonzo Hiwanda. Some programs listed him as Alonzo the Strong Man. His wife, Maggie was also a circus performer, thought to have been a chariot driver. He left the circus to tour independently. He traveled around the country to various fairs and shows where he would show off his massive strength. He took on challengers, but seemed to be unbeatable in the weight-lifting arena.

Exhibits some use and wear, small crease t/r corner, a few lighter non distracting creases center of image( probably more noticeable on back), o/w Vg.   


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