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Check Nov 29, 1855, 4 x 8 ½ Banking office of A. J. Mattson ,Prophetstown Illinois. Nice graphic featuring engravings of sailing ship under full sail, and child with dog. Signed by A.j. Mattson.  ANTHONY J. MATTSON was born in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, 1818 Before he was twelve years of age he left home, going out into the wide world for himself, He came to Prophetstown in 1838, In 1848, Mr. Mattson was appointed Postmaster at Prophetstown, and in 1852 opened a small store and continued in this business until the beginning of 1855. In April of that year he entered into the banking business, in which he was actively engaged until he was burned out. Between 1853 and 1860 he devoted much time and effort toward securing the construction of a railway to Prophetstown, so as to give it an outlet to Chicago and St. Louis.. Finally in 1871, the Grand Trunk Railway, owned and operated by the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R. Company, was completed to Prophetstown. .During the Civil War, Mattson was appointed enrolling officer for Whiteside county, by Governor Yates, and was afterwards appointed Deputy Provost Marshal under Capt. John V. Eustace. 

Cut cancelled, some light use and wear, oveall Vg- Fine condition.


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