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Topeka, KS- Payable to C. Guffey for services . June 1, 1867. This scrip was issued by the state to pay for claims arising out of the Indian campaign of 1864 and the Confederate raid led by General Sterling Price of the same year. Continental Bank Note Co. printed these notes and a scene depicted in the vignette at bottom right is of settlers fighting off an Indian attack. This scrip is usually found with a hole-out-cancel; this example is uncancelled

At the end of the Civil War the State of Kansas submitted a petition to the US Government for damages resulting from the war. The petition specifically addressed actions resulting from a Confederate excursion that was known as the ‘Price Raid’, and the Union’s ‘Indian Expedition’ under General Samuel R. Curtis.  By 1864 the Confederate Army found itself on the losing edge. In an attempt to bolster both public support for the South and to gain territory and supplies, a plan was devised to send Confederate Major-General Sterling Price into the states of Missouri and Kansas to conduct raids on the Union Military. The plan was to retake Missouri, enter Kansas and scour the land for mules, wagons and other supplies. Leaving in August 1864, Price left with 12,000 men and a small contingent of artillery. During the raids, Price and his men also killed and robbed unarmed civilians and pillaged private properties. Though these actions were not uncommon on both sides of the war, the Price Raid became infamous for its actions and was estimated to have cost over $500,000 in damages.

In 1864 General Samuel R. Curtis was sent to Fort Riley, Kansas by the war department to raise a force of militia for the relief of some wagon trains corralled on Cow Creek on the Santa Fe Trail on account of the hostility of the Indians. After the Indian Expedition, General Curtis joined up with others to stop the Confederate raids. Combining militias from Kansas and Missouri with several other Federal units, the Union forces totaled somewhere around 35,000 men pursuing Price’s ever slowing force of about 18,000. After the battle of Westport, Missouri, Price retreated, finally the Union army defeated the confederate force, which found his way back south to Texas.

After assessing the petition, the U.S. Government agreed to pay out assessed damages resulting from the Price Raid and the Indian Expedition. Kansas distributed the money to the claimants in banknotes under the title "Union Military Scrip".  Cw011


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