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The Tallahassee Rail Road Company note from Tallahassee, Florida. Very attractive note  was printed with green and black ink on a cream paper. The Vignette at the center shows a family looking on a passing funnel stack train..

<P> In 1834 the Tallahassee Rail Road was organized in the Territory of Florida. Being one of the first operational railroads in the United States, construction for its route began in the same year, and it opened for service two years later. The railroad was conceived and financed by leading cotton planters who needed a way to get their crop to textile mills in England and New England. It was also used by naval stores merchants and timber interests of the area to transport their goods to East Coast ports.  The Tallahassee Rail Company issued its own scrip, which could be used for goods or services provided by the company. Although not legal tender, it was printed by the American Bank Note Company and commonly used as currency. Issued circa 1866 and 1867, these notes were produced and issued when the company was a subsidiary of the Pensacola & Georgia Railroad.

<P>Unissued, crisp, near mint condition.    Cu025


SKU: Cu025
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