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George Prentice was born in 1802, graduated from Brown University and came to  Kentucky. In Louisville   Prentice became the editor of the Louisville Journal, the newspaper of the Whig Party. The main focus of this paper was the promotion of Henry Clay’s agenda and his multiple presidential campaigns. Upon the failure of the Whig Party, Prentice supported the “Know-Nothing Party” and was seen as the catalyst of the Bloody Monday election-day riots in  Louisville  on August 6, 1855. Prentice supported John Bell and his Unionist platform in the 1860 election, calling for the Southern states to stay in the Union . Upon the onset of hostilities and Abraham Lincoln’s call for troops, Prentice urged that  Kentucky remain a neutral state because of his fear that  Kentucky  would join the Confederacy. Prentice’s two sons fought in the Confederate army. Prentice became part of Lincoln ’s core group of  Kentucky advisors for  Kentucky  affairs during the war.   lncdv14  125


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