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Letterhead for the Morado Springs Park, n.d. ca. 1925, 11 x 8 ½. Nice large color photo illustration ialong with two inset illustrations.  
<BR> Morado Park - Beaver Falls PA. In 1891 the Beaver Valley Traction Company, an electric streetcar line, was founded in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. The new company purchased the existing track of a horse-drawn railway, retired the horses, and electrified the line. The northern terminus of the line was extended north known as Morado. The area in Morado where the streetcar line ended was eventually made into a small picnic area known as Morado Springs Park or simply Morado Park. Tthe Beaver Valley Traction Company decided to turn Morado Park into first-rate picnic grounds. The company-owned parks with dancing pavilions and a few amusement rides, was open to the public but  generally free for employees of the streetcar company. Morado Park featured a large dancing pavilion, a band stand, several service buildings, and a carousel ride. It was easily accessible on the streetcar line and was very popular for hosting such things as dancing events, family reunions, and company picnics. Over the years the streetcar company generally neglected the park although it remained a favorite place to relax for local residents on summer days. Attendance at the park and others like it suffered with the widespread use of the privately-owned automobile (and bus service) beginning in the 1920’s and during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. The end certainly came with the closing of the streetcar line by the Beaver Valley Traction Company, which fully converted to more economical bus service, in August 1937. The park quickly fell into disuse and not much remains of it today.
<BR>Unused stock, some minor wear, overall Fine condition. cnpl017


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