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Fine 9 ½ x 6 advertising flyer for "SKILTON, FOOTE & CO.'S BUNKER HILL PICKLES" sold by BROWNE & MANZANARES of Las Vegas, New Mexico Territory. "Bunker Hill Pickles" were manufactured in Boston and George Skilton & Company greatly expanded its business after winning a large contract to supply the US Navy during the Civil War.

The back of this flyer was used to record an inventory of store equipment and merchandise written in pencil on verso. Items listed include "1counter scale and old tin scoop ....6 foot flag..., 4 hand grenades...., 1 glass gun case with sliding doors...., telephone in old telephone closest..." (The first telephone installation in the state of New Mexico took place in 1879 in Las Vegas). List of cigars in the "Cigar room" including ""V.F. fragrant cigarettes.. .13 1/3 Sweet Caps (sweet caporals), 9 Lone Jack, and Richmond Straight cut tobacco...."
 FRANCISCO ANTONIO MANZANARES (1843-1904) attended Taos School under the instruction of Father Antonio Jose Martinez. He went to St. Louis and studied English at St. Louis University (1863-1864) and began work with Chick, Browne, and Co. in Kansas City. Manzanares opened a number of markets along the routes of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad. In 1879, the firm became BROWNE AND MANZANARES, with Manzanares a full partner. The firm was then moved to Las Vegas, New Mexico. Manzanares opened the First National Bank in Las Vegas, and the First National Bank in Santa Fe. In 1884, Manzanares challenged Republican candidate Tranquilino Luna for a seat in Congress. He won, and served as a territorial delegate to the United States House of Representatives from March 5, 1884 to March 3, 1885.   


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