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Silverprint on mount, 8 X 10. “Ford Picnicers…Orr’s Studio” printed in negative. A long line of Ford autombiles line the street. Numerous storefront are visible, such as the Memphis Café and Memphis Dry Goods Co. Based upon these signs, and other known Orr photograph with imprints,  Orr’s Studio was located in Memphis, Texas.  
Wiley D. Orr started his career in photography when he was 12 years old, using a small camera to do work for neighbors in the Lodge community, southwest of Memphis Texas, where he grew up. The name of Lodge was changed later to Plaska. After serving an apprenticeship with Homer Mulkey of Clarendon Mr. Orr moved to Memphis, Texas. He was a resident of Hall County since 1891
Mount trimmed to image. Exhibits strong contrast, tonality and clarity. After scanning this image on the computer, I enlarged it to 300%, and the detail in the windows and card was striking.  Lf tr 0444 175.


SKU: Lf tr 0444
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