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1848 LETTER REGARDING ZACHARY TAYLOR. Two page ALS, from C.W. Lytle, New Orleans, July 5, 1848 to Miss Mary Talbott, Baltimore, MD. 9 ¼” x 11” blue , stampless cover, Paid 10, Circular New Orleans Jul 6, La, postmark. Two page pen manuscript letter, the first paragraph concerns itself with genealogy of the Lytle family, and specifically Robert T. Lytle (Robert Todd Lytle ( was a politician who represented Ohio in the US House from 1833-1835). He further writes regarding Zachary Taylor In part:
“…I suppose that Baltimore like all the large cities the nomination was for Clay, such was not the case here and a great of dissatisfaction was expressed at first but I believe the Whigs have all come to the conclusion that Rough & Ready is the most available man in the party(.) the old man is here now and whenever he is surrounded by a crowd all wanting to shake hands with him to look at or to hear him speak(.) you would be amused to see the old man going about with a crowd of little boys who whenever the General stops to speak to any one close up on him sometimes so close that he is obliged to speak to them which is always the kindest manner(.) when they disperse some satisfied while other follow on to get another word or shake of his hand(.) the old General seems to love everybody to love him the Socofocus are very uneasy for they do not dare say any thing against him and he must be a good man who Socos do not abuse…yours most affectionately, C.W. Lytle.
(A few months later, on November 7, 1848, the first time the entire nation voted on the same day, Taylor and Fillmore narrowly defeated the Democratic ticket, headed by Michigan's Lewis Cass, and the ticket of the Free-Soil Party, led by former President Martin Van Buren)
Overall fine condition.


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