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This Pacific Union Express Co. cover, is overprinted in red on a U.S. 3¢ pink stamped envelope  , 3 1/4 ” x 51/2,” and has a  round cancellation most of which is light and unreadable . This type of stamped envelope was in use during 1864-1870,  Pacific Union Express Co. was one of the lesser known private mail and express companies operating in the west, and  was formed by the owners of the Central Pacific Railroad, which operated between San Francisco, Sacramento and Reno in Nevada Territory. Pacific Union Express was created under exclusive contract to carry mail and gold for the C.P.R. in direct competition with Wells Fargo & Co., whose stagecoach line was already faltering due to the expansion of both the C.P.R. and the Union Pacific Railroad.The company only lasted from July 1,1868 till December 1869 when it was sold to Wells Fargo Exhibits some use , cut tightly rt side, overall Fine cond. 


SKU: ex134
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