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BOSTON TEA PARTY. The London Magazine or Gentleman’s Monthly Intelligencer. January 1774 .8 ¼” x 5 ¼”. 52pp. great report of the Boston Tea Party, mentioning in part: body of the people of this & all adjacent towns…assembled at the Old South Meeting House to enquire the reason of the delay in sending the ship Dartmouth, with the East India Tea, back to London…The people finding all their efforts to preserve the property of the East India Company and reurn it safely to London, frustrated by the Tea Consignees, the collector of the customers & the Governor of the Province, dissolved their meeting-But, behold what followed! A number of resolute men dressed like Mohawks or Indians determined to do all in their power to save their country from the ruin which their enemies had plotted, in less than four hours emptied every chest of Tea on board the three ships amounting to 342 chests, into the sea! Without the least damage done to the ships with much more. Nice lengthy(1 ¼ column report , along with another small report about the value of the tea. From disbound yearly volume, small cut from t/r corner title page, overall VG. (H.85). $550.


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