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Sheet music, 14 x 11, 5pp complete. “To the Afflicted Oil on the Brain”.  Petroleum became a major industry following the oil discovery at Oil Creek, Pennsylvania, in 1859. With the discovery of oil production via drilling, the farmers along Oil Creek started shouting “The Yankee has struck oil,” and the news started a mad rush to acquire sites and begin drilling for more oil. The population of Titusville multiplied overnight, and land prices shot up instantaneously, and flats quickly leased.  By November 1860, 75 wells were producing in Cornplanter, later renamed Oil City, and the Titusville and Oil City areas were referred to as the Oil Regions. Whiskey barrels were used to collect and store the oil, more wells were drilled, more rock oil became available, and the only item in shortage was whiskey barrels. To date, oil is measured and sold per barrel. Interestingly, a few months after the boom, there was the bust when the oil production gave out as quickly as it had begun; people had deserted the towns for new hopes and opportunities elsewhere. 
Exhibits use and wear: spine split, a bit of chipping along edges, 1 ½ repaired tear bottom center.


SKU: smh004
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