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Sheet music. 12 1/2" x 10". 1857. 5pp Complete. Good graphic lithograph cover.

In 1854 a Canadian engineer interested Cyrus Field in laying a cable from St. John's, Newfoundland, to the Canadian mainland. This would speed receipt of European news by several days. While studying a globe, Field decided the cable should be extended to Ireland. Laying the Canadian cable took two and a half years. By that time Field had organized companies in the United States and Great Britain to raise funds for an Atlantic cable between the two countries. The first four cables broke, causing heavy losses to investors. The fifth was completed on Aug. 5, 1858. On August 15 Queen Victoria and President James Buchanan exchanged messages on the new cable. Soon, however, the signals became unintelligible, and in October they ceased. Undeterred, Field raised additional funds. After another failure in 1865, it finally was successfully complete in July of 1866.

Trimmed slightly at bottom, use and wear, spine split and covers detached, very minor crease in center, good color, overall VG-Fine condition.    smjb051  .   65.


SKU: smjb051
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