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Steroview, 3 ½ x 7,  View of Alden’s Gallery , lnumerous  signs on both sides pf the mall  “Alden”s Ferrotypes” and “6 Large Pictures Only $1.00”. The gallery was locatedin the interior of the  "The Arcade”. No photographer’s imprint
The Westminster Arcade (also known as the Providence Arcade, Arcade Providence, or The Arcade) is a historic shopping center at 130 Westminster Street and 65 Weybosset Street in downtown Providence, Rhode Island built in 1828. It is notable as the first enclosed shopping mall in the United States and has been lauded as a fine example of commercial Greek Revival architecture. It served as a shopping center for many years before falling into decline in the late 20th century. It has since been closed for renovation and rehabilitation several times, and most recently reopened its doors in October 2013 as a residential and commercial mixed-use building. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1976.
Exhibits some light use and wear, some light random soiling on back, overall Fine.  PH 379 395.


SKU: PH 379
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