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Part imprinted document t, 14” x 8", Nov. 17, 1860 with ink manuscript, written and  signed by Thomas Green, Clerk of the Texas Supreme Court, with very clear  impressed seal. 
Green moved from Tenn. to Texas when 21 years of age. He fought at San Jacinto in the War for Texas Independence and under Gen'l. Zachery Taylor in the Mexican War as a Captain of the 1st Texas Rifles. He participated in John H. Moore's 1840 campaign against the Comanches up the Colorado River. When Mexican general Ráfael Vásquez briefly occupied San Antonio in March 1842, Green recruited the Travis County Volunteers and stood as their captain; the unit was not involved in combat. In response to this and two other Mexican incursions, Texas launched the punitive Somervell Expedition against Mexico; Green served as its inspector general. From 1841 to 1861, he was clerk of the Texas Supreme Court, in both the republic and the subsequent U.S. state. In the Mexican-American War, Green recruited a company of Texas Rangers from LaGrange, and served as their captain during the 1846 U.S. capture of Monterrey in the state of Nuevo León. He entered the Confederate Army as the Colonel of the 5th Texas Mounted Rifles.  With Gen'l. Richard Taylor in Louisiana, he distinguished himself and was made Brig. Gen'l. in May, 1863.  He was killed in April, 1864 at Blair's Landing during the Red River Campaign by a mortar round fired by a Union gunboat. Fine condition.  (Tx55


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