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Volunteer enlistment, 11 x 8 ½, 1864 two page part imprinted document enlisting Eugene Durant , immigrant from France, along with oath of allegiance,  into the 1st New Orleans regiment.
Eugene Durant, residence was not listed; Enlisted on 3/6/1864 at New Orleans, LA as a Private.On 3/6/1864 he mustered into "D" Co. LA 1st NO Infantry .(date and method of discharge not given).

 The 1st New Orleans regiment was a Northern unit commanded by Lt. Charles Boothby, was
organized at New Orleans, La., March 6, 1864. It was attached to Defences of New Orleans to April, 1865. District of La Fourche and Dept. of the Gulf to May, 1866. .Garrison and guard duty in the Defences of New Orleans and in District of La Fourche, Dept. of the Gulf, entire term. Mustered out May, 1866. Historians estimate that more than 5,000 Louisianians and lower Mississippians enlisted in Louisiana Union regiments. Most of these men were immigrants (German, French  and Irish), and many had been previously impressed into Confederate service . Once New Orleans fell in 1862—thanks in large part to these men and their less than enthusiastic support for the Confederacy—many enrolled in Union regiments, motivated both by sentiment and salary. The task of recruiting troops for the 1st New Orleans Volunteers fell, in part, to Charles W. Boothby, Captain, Company D. Born in 1837 Boothby was a teacher by profession; in 1861 he enlisted as a private in the 12th Maine Infantry Regiment, and was promoted to lieutenant. The organization of the 1st New Orleans Volunteers gave Boothby the opportunity to rise in rank.
 Signed on front and back by George W. Avery examing surgeon and and William Henderson , 1st lieut. as having enlisted for a term of three years.
Scarce regimental document.  Original fold line, diagonal fold line b/l corner, overall fine condition
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